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    On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 22:10:00 +0200 alex <alexxmed a libero.it> wrote:
    > cioe? Che intendi dire?
    Questi vengono da http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2005/28/:
    GCC 4.0  and C++ ABI Change.  Matthias Klose announced the  start of
    the GCC and C++  transition. GCC  4.0 is now the default compiler in
    unstable, developers are required to upgrade their build environment
    accordingly. Developers are advised not to upload any C++ code, that
    build-depends on a library written in C++ which is not yet converted
    to the new C++ ABI (Application binary interface).
    Circular  Dependencies. Bill  Allombert  wanted  to remove  circular
    dependencies as they cause problems during an upgrade. Robert Lemmen
    created  a summary  of current  circular dependencies.  Colin Watson
    added that dpkg  will break loops and that  pre-depends mitigate the
    Removing old orphaned Packages? Frank Lichtenheld prepared a list of
    packages that have been orphaned more  than one year ago with nobody
    taking over  maintainership. Many of  these packages aren't  used at
    all. Martin Michlmayr added more orphaned packages to the list. They
    are all planned to be removed from the distribution soon.

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