[PLUTO-help] spamassassin e qmail scanner

ivan re re.ivan a gmail.com
Dom 7 Set 2008 18:59:16 CEST

ho installato spamassassin. con ps ax vedo:
 3299 ?        Ss    0:02 /usr/bin/spamd -x -u spamd -H /home/spamd -d
--syslog=/var/log/spamd.log -r /var/run/spamd.pid
 3302 ?        S      0:00 spamd child
 3303 ?        S      0:00 spamd child

quando configuro qmail scanner 2.05 ottengo il seguente output:

Something like spamc for SpamAssassin detected - but not correctly installed
(didn't include a "X-Spam-Status" line in output).
Please read Q-S FAQ if you want it - especially check that spamd daemon
is running. Ignoring...

Qualcuno sa dirmi come risolvere il problema? Sulle FAQ non ho trovato nulla!

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