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Paolo Ornati ornati a fastwebnet.it
Sab 2 Maggio 2009 11:29:17 CEST

Per chi non lo conoscesse giÓ, volevo segnalare il progetto "Open
Graphics Project", il cui obiettivo finale Ŕ quello di realizzare una
scheda video con specifiche completamente "open":


Quindi niente driver proprietari o driver open menomati a causa della
mancanza / incompletezza delle specifiche, etc...

In questo momento hanno una scheda programmabile da distribuire ad
alcuni sviluppatori:

"We started out as an effort to design a graphics card with fully
published design documents. This way, not only would it be easy for
developers to add free software support for it, but the design itself
would be available for anyone to examine, learn from, duplicate, etc.
Since then, we have expanded our interests to other type of peripherals
that would benefit from this approach. Poor funding has been a problem
for us, and when ATI promised to release specs on their chips, we
slipped further. But ATI hasn't been as forthcoming as they had lead
people to believe, so there are those who have gotten a renewed
interest in what we want to do. Ultimately, we'd like to have complete
computer systems that are completely documented, down to the
transistors in the CPU, but we need to take this one step at a time.
Right now, the two most annoying areas are graphics and wireless

Per chi volesse contribuire:

GiÓ funziona qualcosa (VGA solo testo):


	Paolo Ornati
	Linux on x86_64

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