[Pluto-help] istruzioni di come fare funzionare la ATI RADEON con XFREE 4.1

dr.Alexandru Boboc boboc a igi.pd.cnr.it
Gio 6 Set 2001 16:27:25 CEST

This is the method to make work a AT RADEON card with linux.
I have a Red hat Linux 7.1  with a AT RADEON VE card.
Install the last FREE 4.1 (ftp.xfree86.org)
Go to http://dri.sourgeforge.net and download the CSV file:

dri-snapshot-current.tar.gz(12 BB)

Compile the package (8-10 minutes) with commands:

make World
make install
make clean

Update the rpm for XConfigurator (ftp.sunet.se/pub/linux/)

run the Xconfigurator after updating

good luck

Alex Boboc, Padova

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