[PLUTO-help] dubbio su grub

Francesco acca.larentia a email.it
Gio 30 Ago 2007 03:17:09 CEST

Scusate l'intrusione, ma a quanto riporta l'info page di Grub:

"The device syntax used in GRUB is a wee bit different from what you may
have seen before in your operating system(s), and you need to know it so
that you can specify a drive/partition.

   Look at the following examples and explanations:


   First of all, GRUB requires that the device name be enclosed with
`(' and `)'. The `fd' part means that it is a floppy disk. The number
`0' is the drive number, which is counted from _zero_. This expression
means that GRUB will use the whole floppy disk.


   Here, `hd' means it is a hard disk drive. The first integer `0'
indicates the drive number, that is, the first hard disk, while the
second integer, `1', indicates the partition number (or the PC slice
number in the BSD terminology). Once again, please note that the
partition numbers are counted from _zero_, not from one. This
expression means the second partition of the first hard disk drive. In
this case, GRUB uses one partition of the disk, instead of the whole

che è diverso da ciò che dice Hugh Hartmann qui:

> ================================================
> Grub            Linux           Winsonz
> ================================================
> (fd0)           /dev/fd0        A:
> (hd0,1)         /dev/hda1       C: (di solito)
> (hd1,1)         /dev/hdb1       D:
> (hd0,4)         /dev/hda4       F:
> (hd1.4)         /dev/hdb4       ?
> ================================================

dove quindi sarebbe corretto indicare /dev/hda1 come (hd0,0), e non (0,1), e
di seguito /dev/hdb1 come (hd1,0), /dev/hda4 come (hd0,3) e /dev/hdb4 come
Almeno io credo di aver capito così (e in effetti così mi sembra di avere
sempre fatto sui miei sistemi).
Scusate l'intromissione ancora.

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